Welcome to my blog!

My name is Nevada Moenning. I am 22-years-old and a senior writing major at Southwest Baptist University. My enjoyment of reading has taken much of my time since I learned at age five, and though I wrote stories for a short time when I was young, I did not take writing seriously until I entered college.I began this blog because, as a young writer, I struggle the most with allowing people to read my work.

Writing allows me to express my thoughts and active imagination in a way I struggle to express verbally. While I enjoy writing fiction and nonfiction, blog writing is new for me, but I am excited to share my words with you. My posts may include anything from a thought of the day, writing prompts, or personal experiences and what I’ve learned from them.

YOU, my readers, are my audience. I appreciate any feedback on my posts or suggestions on what you’d like to see me write next.