Why Unanchored?

The title of my blog is “Unanchored.” I chose this title simply because I love the symbolism behind the anchor, and this symbolism resonates deep with my writing journey.

An anchor could symbolize these things:

Stability or strength, like holding a boat or ship in place.

Journey—a faith journey or a physical voyage.

Elements of these symbols will show in most of my posts, but for this blog, the anchor symbolizes a third category: insecurity, the anxiety and fear of allowing my writing to be read.

I imagine how an anchor sticks in the sand and weighs down a boat, and I compare that to my writing. My writings are stuck in the shadows of my notebook, safely away from critics. My mind is stuck in its comfort zone and allows anxiety and fear weigh down confidence.

I let my lack of confidence get in the way of taking a chance in putting my inspiration out for the world to read. So, here I am.

“Unanchored” is defined as “free or liberated.” It demonstrates the release of the anchor, releasing fear and anxiety and gaining the freedom to express my thoughts.

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